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Naioth Childrens Home

The aim of Naioth is to provide a Home and School for children that are orphaned, abandoned or from poor and destitute families, in the villages surrounding Rajahmundry. The home is a 2 1/2 storey building, situated on approximately 2 acres of land. Rajahmundry is a town of 600,000 people, on the east coast of India, in the State of Andhra Pradesh. It is the 2nd poorest state in India.


The children experience God’s love through the ministry of Samuel Babu and his family , carers & teachers.  The Centre not only provides a safe, loving home and a Christian education, but also teaches the children important skills necessary for employment. This will enable them to return to their villages  and earn a living and become a valuable member of their community ; overcoming some caste and poverty limitations.


Would you be interested in joining with us in helping the poor and needy of India through sponsorship? There is always between 150 and 300 children in residence. We usually send an Australian team to India every November or December and you are welcome to consider being part of a team.  The trip duration is around 21 days and the cost is approx. $4000.
Each trip consists of visiting rural villages, running medical clinics, distributing practical aid, prison visitation, working among the lepers and of course living with and showing practical love to the children at Naioth. We encourage each team member to share any skills they have with the children. This enables them to have a broader range of experiences than they would have had without us going.


You can help Naioth Childrens Home in Rajahmundry INDIA by:

            Providing sponsorship for:

·         A child at $40.00  per month. This provides all of the child’s support such as food, clothing, accommodation and education. 

·         Share sponsorship of a child at $20.00  per month

·         Sponsor a Teacher/Carer/ Cook/or Helper at $50.00 per month

·         Once off donation for special needs eg. Special Medical needs of children; maintenance  costs for the premises