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Paul Karic Humanity of God 22 April 2018 Download Listen  
John Barnes The Majesty of God (Part 2) 15 April 2018 Download Listen  
David Smith Secrets of Success 8 April 2018 Download Listen  
Paul Karic The Empty Tomb (Easter Sunday) 1 April 2018 Download Listen  
John Barnes Good Friday message 30 March 2018 Download Listen Youtube Video Link 
John Barnes The Majesty of God (Part 1) 25 March 2018 Download Listen  
Terry Barnes Faithful Endurance 18 March 2018 Download Listen  
Jenny Wengier Don't Despise Small Beginnings 11 March 2018 Download Listen  
Bradd Worrell The weight of our words. 25 February 2018 Download Listen  
Paul Karic Remembering your First Love 18 February 2018 Download Listen  
John Barnes Running the Race 11 February 2018 Download Listen Youtube Video Link 
Tom Cecil Finding the limits of your love 4 February 2018 Download Listen  
John Barnes Serving with Passion 28 January 2018 Download Listen  
John Barrett Being a Disciple 21 January 2018 Download Listen  
John Barnes John 15:9-17 17 December 2017 Download Listen  
Jenny Wengier Prayer and Intimacy 3 December 2017 Download Listen  
John Barnes The enemy and the Armour of God 26 November 2017 Download Listen  
Alan Bell Love in obedience 19 November 2017 Download Listen  
John Barnes God's Crowning Moment 12 November 2017 Download Listen  
Mark Worrell Psalm 1 5 November 2017 Download Listen  
John Barnes How can I resist evil? 29 October 2017 Download Listen Youtube Video link 
Paul Karic Pride 22 October 2017 Download Listen  
John Barnes Second Coming of Christ 15 October 2017 Download Listen  
Bradd Worrell A Life of Contentment 8 October 2017 Download Listen  
John Barnes Finding rest in Jesus 1 October 2017 Download Listen  
Simon Potinu Serving for God's glory 24 September 2017 Download Listen Video 
John Barratt Living as Citizens of Heaven 17 September 2017 Download Listen  
Peter Stevens The Defeat of Jericho 10 September 2017 Download Listen  
David Smith The Importance of Fatherhood 3 September 2017 Download Listen  
John Barnes Knowing the knowable God 27 August 2017 Download Listen  
John Barnes Being Holy 13 August 2017 Download Listen  
Nigel O'Reilley Keeping the Unity of the Spirit 30 July 2017 Download Listen  
BMi Vic State Gathering 2017  29 July 2017 Download   
Maureen Milner Living a fulfilled life in Christ 23 July 2017 Download Listen  
John Barnes Baptism 16 July 2017 Download Listen  
John Barnes Dedication to God 9 July 2017 Download Listen  
Stephanie Barnes The Quest for Rest 2 July 2017 Download Listen  
John Barnes Jesus the Good Shepherd (John 10:11-18) 25 June 2017 Download Listen  
Jenny Wengier Living according to the truth 18 June 2017 Download Listen  
John Barnes God's purpose through struggles 11 June 2017 Download Listen  
Terry Barnes My grace is sufficient for you 4 June 2017 Download Listen  
John Barnes The Judgement Seat of Christ 28 May 2017 Download Listen  
Paul Karic Surrendering to God 21 May 2017 Download Listen Slide (Flesh and Spirit) 
John Barnes Mother's Day 14 May 2017 Download Listen  
David Smith The Power of Influence 7 May 2017 Download Listen  
Craig and Kim Barnes To Cambodia by Faith 23 April 2017 Download Listen  
John Barnes Easter Sunday message 16 April 2017 Download Listen  
Michael Bain 10 min teaching (John 7:53-8:11) 9 April 2017 Download Listen  
Gavon Bourne Gideons International 9 April 2017 Download Listen  
Arch Stevenson Worshipping God 2 April 2017 Download Listen  
Terry Barnes The Cycle of Ungodliness 26 March 2017 Download Listen  
Jenny Barnes 200 Years of the Bible Society in Australia 19 March 2017 Download Listen  
John Barnes Qualities of a Potent Church (Part 4 - Intimacy with God) 12 March 2017  Listen  
David and Mary Chapman Living Hope Zambia 5 March 2017  Listen  
John Barnes Qualities of a Potent Church (Part 3 - Sacrifice) 26 February 2017  Listen  
John Barnes Qualities of a Potent Church (Part 2b - Trusting in God) 19 February 2017  Listen  
Paul Karic Uncompromising Love 12 February 2017  Listen  
John Barnes Qualities of a Potent Church (Part 2a - Trusting in God) 5 February 2017  Listen  
Jenny Wengier Short Sermon 29 January 2017  Listen  
David Darmanin Short Sermon 29 January 2017  Listen  
John Barnes How the elect can be deceived 15 January 2017  Listen  
Terry Barnes The Mystery of God 4 December 2016  Listen  
John Hannaford The Stirring of our Faith 27 November 2016  Listen  
Paul Karic The giving nature of God 20 November 2016  Listen  
Maureen Milner The power of Jesus in the midst of persecution 13 November 2016  Listen  
Mark Worrell Lessons of contentment from Solomon 6 November 2016  Listen  
John Barnes Qualities of a potent church (Part 1 - Believing the Word) 30 October 2016  Listen  
David Smith Forgiveness 23 October 2016  Listen  
Jenny Barnes Being 'Born Again' 16 October 2016  Listen  
Sue Dare The God who runs 9 October 2016  Listen  
John Barnes The Genius of God 2 October 2016  Listen  
Paul Karic Jesus and children 25 September 2016  Listen  
John Barnes 5 things God wants us to know (Eph 1) 18 September 2016  Listen  
Sharon Smith Courage 11 September 2016  Listen  
Bradd Worrell Living out of a generous heart 4 September 2016  Listen  
Peter Stevens There's a miracle coming your way 21 August 2016  Listen  
David Adam The Foolishness of God 14 August 2016  Listen  
John Barnes Worship 7 August 2016  Listen  
Hanna Fakhouri Taking possession of God's promises 31 July 2016  Listen  
Terry Barnes Doing all things unto the Lord 24 July 2016  Listen  
John Barnes  17 July 2016  Listen  
Barry Burski (Celebrate Messiah) Jesus - Our Jewish Messiah 10 July 2016  Listen  
Paul Karic The Inconvenient Truth 3 July 2016  Listen  
Alan Bell What Good Works 26 June 2016  Listen  
John Barnes The Cost of Discipleship 19 June 2016  Listen  
Terry Barnes Jesus - who was, and is, and is to come 12 June 2016  Listen  
Samuel Babu Children and the Gospel 5 June 2016  Listen  
Mark Worrell Elijah and the Widow 29 May 2016  Listen  
John Barnes Relying on God 22 May 2016  Listen  
Paul Karic Overcoming Discouragement 15 May 2016  Listen  
Josie Freer Sister's Rock meeting 13 May 2016  Listen  
Meshak Bain, Carola Prichard, David Darmanin 3 Sermons 8 May 2016  Listen  
John Barnes Stewardship (Pt.3 - Testimony) 1 May 2016  Listen  
John Barnes Stewardship (Pt.2 - Tithing) 24 April 2016  Listen  
Bradd Worrell Living With Vision 17 April 2016  Listen  
Terry Barnes Acts 25 & 26 10 April 2016  Listen  
John Barnes Stewardship 20 March 2016  Listen  
Paul Karic Membership in the Body of Christ 7 February 2016  Listen  
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