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All recordings are original and unedited.

Any Media used which is not produced by House Of The Rock Church will remain under copyright protection of the organisation that produces the material.
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John Barnes Our Response to Coronavirus 29 March 2020   Youtube 
Lawrence Hirsch (Celebrate Messiah) Psalm 91 22 March 2020   Youtube 
John Barnes Defining Moments 15 March 2020 Listen Download  
David Greentree Forgiveness and Vengeance 8 March 2020 Listen Download  
David Smith Generosity 1 March 2020 Listen Download  
Paul Karic Membership in the Body of Christ 7 February 2016 Listen Download  
Terry Barnes The Joy of the Lord 23 February 2020 Listen Download  
John Barnes The Importance and Power of Prayer 16 February 2020 Listen Download  
Sharon Smith Wisdom 9 February 2020 Listen Download  
Chris Whiting God's Righteousness Revealed 2 February 2020 Listen Download  
Paul Karic Authentic Faith 26 January 2020 Listen Download  
David Abbott Pressing Forward in God 12 January 2020 Listen Download  
John Barnes Church Vision 2020 5 January 2020 Listen Download  
Paul Crothers Gisborne Combined Churches 2019 29 December 2019 Listen Download  
Mark Worrell Relationship with God the Father 8 December 2019 Listen Download  
David Smith The Cost of True Discipleship 1 December 2019 Listen Download  
Paul Karic Connecting with God 24 November 2019 Listen Download  
John Barnes Living a fulfilled life in Christ 17 November 2019 Listen Download  
Michael Bain Short Message 2: Who's in Control? 10 November 2019 Listen Download  
Jenny Barnes Short Message 1: Esther 10 November 2019 Listen Download  
Paul Karic Confidence 3 November 2019 Listen Download  
Terry Barnes Sins of the Fathers 27 October 2019 Listen Download  
John Barnes The Preciousness of God's Church 20 October 2019 Listen Download  
Rabieh El Eter Fruit That Abounds 13 October 2019 Listen Download  
David Smith The Inner Battle 29 September 2019 Listen Download  
Paul Karic The Holiness of God 22 September 2019 Listen Download  
John Barnes Spiritual Warfare 15 September 2019 Listen Download  
Caleb Spandow Dreams and Deceptions 8 September 2019 Listen Download  
Sharon Smith The Value of Connection 1 September 2019 Listen Download  
David Adam Seeking God First 18 August 2019 Listen Download  
John Barnes The God of Healing (Part 2) 11 August 2019 Listen Download  
John Barnes The God of Healing (Part 1) 4 August 2019 Listen Download  
BMi Victorian State Gathering 2019 27 July 2019   Link 
John Barnes Baby Dedication 14 July 2019 Listen Download  
Rob Bailey Who Controls the prophet? 7 July 2019 Listen Download  
John Barnes Times & Seasons - and our place in time 23 June 2019 Listen Download  
Mark Worrall Knowing God from what has been made 30 June 2019 Listen Download  
David Smith Seeking God's Righteousness 16 June 2019 Listen Download  
Sheena Ryan Gremlins in the Church / Spiritual Warfare (Part 2) 18 May 2019 Listen Download  
Sheena Ryan Gremlins in the Church / Spiritual Warfare (Part 1) 18 May 2019 Listen Download  
Sheena Ryan Sisters Rock - PM Session 17 May 2019 Listen Download  
Sheena Ryan Sisters Rock - AM Session 17 May 2019 Listen Download  
John Barnes Discerning of Spirits 2 June 2019 Listen Download  
Roger Thurecht Weighing Prophecy 26 May 2019 Listen Download  
Sheena Ryan Let The Sons Arise 19 May 2019 Listen Download  
Sharon Smith The Gift of Healing 5 May 2019 Listen Download  
Terry Barnes The Purpose of God's Gifts 28 April 2019 Listen Download  
John Barnes Jesus (Part 2 - His Death & Resurrection) 21 April 2019 Listen Download  
John Barnes Jesus (Part 1 - Who He is) 14 April 2019 Listen Download  
Paul Karic Idolatry 7 April 2019 Listen Download  
John Barnes The Gift of Faith 31 March 2019 Listen Download  
Alan Bell Love and Obedience 24 March 2019 Listen Download  
Sharon Smith The Spiritual Gifts 17 March 2019 Listen Download  
Mark Worrell Temptation 10 March 2019 Listen Download  
John Barnes The Holy Spirit (Pt 2) 3 March 2019 Listen Download  
John Barnes The Holy Spirit (Pt 1) 24 February 2019 Listen Download  
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