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All recordings are original and unedited.

Any Media used which is not produced by House Of The Rock Church will remain under copyright protection of the organisation that produces the material.
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Steph Barnes Dealing with Discouragement 18 July 2021   YouTube 
Andrea Davis Rest 11 July 2021   YouTube 
Paul Karic The Heavenly Life 4 July 2021   YouTube 
Sharon Smith Child Safety 27 June 2021   YouTube 
John Barnes How We Worship God 20 June 2021   YouTube 
Terry Barnes The Importance of Doing Good 13 June 2021   YouTube 
John Barnes Our Hope in Difficult Times 6 June 2021   YouTube 
John Hannaford The Renewed Mind 30 May 2021   YouTube 
Paul Karic How We Relate to God (Spirit, Soul & Body) 23 May 2021   YouTube 
Rabieh El Eter Four Attributes of Jesus Christ The Son of God 16 May 2021   YouTube 
John Barnes Our Secret Time With God 2 May 2021   YouTube 
Peter Stevens (FamilyVoice) There's No Life Without Death (John 12) 25 April 2021   YouTube 
Paul Karic Godly Suffering 18 April 2021   Youtube 
Caleb Spandow Maturing in Christ 11 April 2021   YouTube 
John Barnes Easter Sunday Service 4 April 2021   YouTube 
Terry & Steph Barnes Good Friday Service 2 April 2021   YouTube 
Paul Karic The Light of God 28 March 2021   YouTube 
Alan Bell Contentment 21 March 2021   Youtube 
John Barnes The Trinity 14 March 2021   Youtube 
Terry Barnes Building God's House 7 March 2021   Youtube 
Sharon Smith Spending time at the feet of Jesus 21 February 2021   Youtube 
John Barnes What is a disciple? 28 February 2021   Youtube 
Craig & Kim Barnes Cambodia Update 14 February 2021   Youtube 
John Barnes Driven by Compassion 31 January 2021   Youtube 
Caleb Spandow The Bride of Christ 24 January 2021   Youtube 
John Barnes Knowing God Intimately 10 January 2021   Youtube 
Jenny Wengier Leaving The Past Behind 27 December 2020   Youtube 
Sharon Smith Christianity's Jewish Roots 13 December 2020   Youtube 
Paul Karic Finding your place in the body 6 December 2020   Youtube 
John Barnes Be Still and Know I am God 29 November 2020   Youtube 
John Barnes How is your heart? 15 November 2020   Youtube 
Stephanie Barnes What are you known by? 8 November 2020   Youtube 
Paul Karic Humility 1 November 2020   Youtube 
Mark Worrell Sermon on the Mount 25 October 2020   Youtube 
David Smith Revelation of God 11 October 2020   Youtube 
John Barnes Being Equipped for Service 27 September 2020   Youtube 
Mark Worrell The Names of God 20 September 2020   Youtube 
John Barnes The Olivet Discourse (Matthew 24) 13 September 2020   Youtube 
Craig Barnes The Church in 2020 6 September 2020   Youtube 
Caleb Spandow A Godly Perspective 30 August 2020   Youtube 
John Barnes Being a disciple of Jesus 23 August 2020   Youtube 
David Adam God's Numbers 16 August 2020   Youtube 
Paul Karic Sufficiency of God's Grace 9 August 2020   Youtube 
John Barnes Hearing the voice of God 2 August 2020   Youtube 
Jenny Wengier Habakkuk's Prayer 26 July 2020   Youtube 
Paul Karic The Kingdom of God 19 July 2020   Youtube 
John Barnes The Dangerous Love of God 12 July 2020   Youtube 
Terry Barnes Exploring the Psalms 5 July 2020   Youtube 
Mark Worrell The Dark Night of the Soul 28 June 2020   Youtube 
John Barnes Spiritual Warfare (Part 2) 21 June 2020   Youtube 
John Barnes Spiritual Warfare (Part 1) 14 June 2020   Youtube 
Sharon Smith Lessons from David - the Holy presence of God 7 June 2020   Youtube 
Paul Karic The Pursuit of Truth 31 May 2020   Youtube 
John Barnes The Superiority of Christ 24 May 2020   Youtube 
Caleb Spandow The Joshua Generation 17 May 2020   Youtube 
Andrea Davis Joy 10 May 2020   Youtube 
Stephanie Barnes Merely human? 3 May 2020   Youtube 
John Barnes Doing the works of Jesus 26 April 2020   Youtube 
Paul Karic God's grace in the storm 19 April 2020   Youtube 
HOTRock Church Easter Concert 12 April 2020   Youtube 
HOTRock Church Good Friday Service 10 April 2020   Youtube 
John Barnes The Names of God 5 April 2020   Youtube 
John Barnes Our Response to Coronavirus 29 March 2020   Youtube 
Lawrence Hirsch (Celebrate Messiah) Psalm 91 22 March 2020   Youtube 
Paul Karic Membership in the Body of Christ 7 February 2016 Listen Download  
John Barnes Discerning of Spirits 2 June 2019 Listen Download  
Terry Barnes The Purpose of God's Gifts 28 April 2019 Listen Download  
Showing 67 items